This has been a Labor of Love for more than nine months.

To experience these cleverly conceived comic conceits, just attach me gently on to your Favorites Bar or Desktop.

And after you have achieved that minimal task, ridiculAM will become your daily cup of comic. Everyday, Monday-Friday at 8am (EST, and all of rest of the west and in-between can figure out your own time zone). You can now add a daily sweetner to your day! These images are all made with my mighty index finger named Alan and the AutoDesk Sketchbook App.

These Lines have feelings, too.

Your cronies will be chatting about ridiculAM and you will be out of the loop. If you are out of the loop, you're life is empty, meaningless. You hang around the  office watercooler without worth and value, unable to grasp these visual epigrams while your confrères are chuckling. And if you do not have a watercooler you will be thirsty.

What, you can't use a chuckle?

So go ahead and save this site by dragging the logo above, ridiculAM, to your desktop or add it to your "Favorites" bar. Listed on Google it is "ridiculAM:Comic."

Yes, it's free,

 like the birds in the sky or those extra napkins at the diner.

Remember the words of Arisrotle...but then you would have to know Greek and you've got enough on your plate already.

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