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A Comic Collision Daily

This has been a Labor of Love for more than nine months.

Who can resist? Just CLICK on Season 1 above to view that day's comic moment.

ridiculAM is your daily cup of comic. Everyday, Monday-Friday at 8am (EST - and all of those other wacky time zones), you can add a daily sweetner to your days! These images are all made with my mighty index finger and the AutoDesk Sketchbook App.

These Lines have feelings, too.

My friends and relatives will be looking on, why not the rest of you?

You can chat about the day's comic around the water cooler. If you don't have a water cooler, you're going to be thirsty.

What, you can't use a chuckle?

So sign up. It's free. But if you want to send me cash who's stopping you?

And if enough of you sign up I can meet personally with you on New Year's Eve in Times Square.